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land use map of Huntsville with scope of Hunter's Bay and Fairy Lake

Planning for Land Development

Land use planning in Huntsville is guided by a policy framework of environmental, economic, and social sustainability. In order to develop land, current and prospective property owners must ensure that a lot meets the requirements of the Town of Huntsville's Official Plan and Zoning By-law. For related studies, including the Community Improvement Plan and the new study regarding the Future of Brendale Square, please visit the Town Plans and Studies page.

The following is a general guide to determine whether a building permit may be issued.

Lot Frontage and Area

The Zoning By-law and Official Plan set out minimum frontage and area requirements for the creation of new lots. Existing lots must comply with the following minimum standards to ensure that structures and services can be sited on the property:

 Type of Servicing
Frontage in Meters (feet)
Area in Meters (feet)
Private water and sewage system
29 (95 ft.)
1350 (14,531 sq. ft.)
Municipal water and sewer
12 (39.4 ft.)
370 (3,982 sq. ft.)
Municipal water or sewer
18 (59 ft.)
745 (8,019.3 sq. ft.)
A building permit cannot be issued for lots that do not meet these minimum standards. To verify the dimensions of a lot, a survey may be obtained from the Land Registry Office (located in Bracebridge).


A lot must meet one of the following access requirements to be eligible for development:

  • Frontage on a public street (a road maintained year-round by the Town of Huntsville or District of Muskoka) or a private condominium road;
  • Frontage on a private or seasonally maintained road and in a Shoreline Residential Zone; or
  • Access by a navigable waterbody and in a Shoreline Residential Zone.
If a lot is on a Town of Huntsville road, entrance approval is required from the Town of Huntsville Roads Department. If the property is on a District road, approval is required from the District of Muskoka Public Works Department. If the property is on a Provincial Highway, approval is required from the Ministry of Transportation in Huntsville.

Availability of Services

Lots located within the Full Service Boundaries (illustrated on Servicing Schedules S-1, S-2 and S-3) are required to connect to municipal water and sewer services. Lots located within the Future Service Boundaries may be developed with one single detached dwelling on a private sewage system provided that municipal water services are available. Property owners should contact the District of Muskoka Public Works Department to confirm that services are available and to obtain a connection permit.

For lots outside of the service boundaries, a permit for a sewage system must be approved before a building permit will be issued.


The Huntsville Zoning By-Law provides the Town with a way to co-ordinate land uses and contains specific regulations for permitted uses on each lot. The Zoning By-law also outlines the lot requirements such as setbacks for buildings, height of buildings, number of residential units, setbacks from the water and parking requirements.

Land must be zoned appropriately for any proposed development. Specific zoning on a property can be obtained through the Town of Huntsville's Interactive Map. The permitted uses for each zone are outlined in Section 5 of the Zoning By-law.

Site Plan Control

The entire municipality is designated as a site plan control area. All waterfront, multiple residential (3 or more units), commercial and industrial development is required to obtain site plan approval prior to the issuance of a building permit. A property may also be subject to site plan approval through site-specific zoning or an agreement registered on title. To verify if site plan approval is required, please contact the Planning Department.

Original Shore Road Allowances

Existing or proposed structures on Town-owned original shore road allowances will require the owner to make application to stop up, close, and purchase the land as a condition of planning approvals.

Development Charges

Vacant land will be subject to development charges that must be paid prior to the issuance of a building permit. Development charges are required for both the Town of Huntsville and the District of Muskoka.

Application Forms

For information on consents (severances), minor variances, and other planning applications, visit the Planning Forms page for all development forms.

Planners Can Help

The information on this page is intended for reference purposes only and is not comprehensive. Consulting with a planner in the Planning Department will help step you through the application process and can answer any questions you may have.

Building and Constructing

To verify that a building permit may be issued for a specific lot, a Building and Zoning Compliance Report may be requested in writing to the Building Department, accompanied by the current fee ($125.00).

Once you have determined that your property is ready to be built on, please see the Construct, Renovate & Demolish page for details on when, and how to get a building permit. 

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