Visit and participate in hands-on experiences at Muskoka Heritage Place (MHP).

Attend these family-friendly annual events:

  • A Portage Flyer Christmas, Evening train ride to Santa
  • Community Easter Egg Hunt 
  • Strawberry Social and Steam Up
  • Great Pumpkin Trail


There are two museums at MHP, rich in history and heritage:

Muskoka Museum

Take a tour from the time of the geological formation of this land (4 Billion Years ago). Learn about the First Peoples (10,000 years ago). And of Huntsville's early settlement and industrial history (1880 to 1910). Original artifacts and displays await your curiosity.

Visit the Muskoka Museum at MHP.

Steam Museum

The Steam Museum is in the Rotary Village Station. This station is a re-production of a 1920s train station. There is info and artifacts on early days, rail and the formation of Canada. Enjoy learning about local rail in Huntsville and the Portage Flyer, the world's shortest commercial railway. This railway has been re-created on site.

Visit the Steam Museum at MHP.


Enjoy some time riding the rails on the open-air train. The tracks run alongside the Muskoka River in Huntsville. The train engine is powered by steam or diesel-electric, depending on availability.

Your journey will bring you to a cabin at the end of the track that has a number of displays in it. Have the engineer show you the firebox. Squash a piece of the Crown's money. Pennies are no longer legal tender, right?

Learn all about the train or check out the train schedule and come visit us.

Pioneer village

Our Pioneer Village represents a working crossroads community in Muskoka village circa 1880 - 1910.

In our authentic village there is:

  • Homes and businesses
  • Thousands of original items from points around Muskoka
  • Tiny squared-log homesteader cabins hand-carved out of the bush
  • A one-room school house, an Inn, and a Church

You will meet:

  • farm animals
  • a blacksmith
  • a cast of interesting and knowledgeable characters from days gone by

Tour or rent

Come tour our full site or rent our site for a celebration or wedding. 

Visit or contact us for info.