The Town of Huntsville has a few ways individuals can donate to honour loved ones or help support the community. Please see the below options or contact us for more details.

 Dedicate a seat

The seat dedication program is a great way for our community to dedicate a seat (chair) to a love one, recognize a family member or friend, support a team or celebrate an occasion.

Dedicate in one of three places

  • Jack Bionda arena
  • Don Lough arena
  • Algonquin Theatre

When you donate

Your donation will include:
  • Choice of arena or theatre
  • Choice of seat
  • Inscription plaque with choice of message
  • A minimum of 10 years of dedication (based on the lifespan of the seat)
  • Funds collected are placed into reserves for Algonquin Theatre and Sports Memorabilia

Cost per seat

The cost is $250.00 per seat in any of the facilities.


  • Donors will need to submit a seat dedication form
  • Staff in community services or the theatre, will contact you
  • If you have any questions contact us 
 Support the Library
You can support your Library by:

Making financial donations

Donations to the Huntsville Public Library help support the purchase of library materials and support programs and services. Use our online donation form if you would like to make a donation to the Library. Donate now online.

Giving materials such as books, DVDs, CDs, etc.

We accept donations of books, DVDs and CDs. You can submit one box of materials at a time to our central service desk. Donated materials become the property of the Library. Please see the donation guidelines for requirements.


We invite you to share your time and talents with the Huntsville Public Library through volunteer activities. Apply to become a volunteer. Download and fill in the form, and then press the submit button at the bottom to complete it.


Support Muskoka Heritage Place

Monetary Donations/Endowments

Muskoka Heritage Place accepts donations and endowments with charitable donation receipts available. Funds can be allocated to specific projects or uses.

Please contact the Muskoka Heritage Place Manager for information.

Artifact Donations

If you have an item that you are considering donating for inclusion into our collection please contact the Muskoka Heritage Place Collections Coordinator who will discuss the procedure with you. Please see the below Donation Criteria information to get you started. 

Artifact Donation Criteria

If you are thinking of donating, here is a simple list of criteria which we follow when considering whether to accept a donation:

  • Does the item reflect the history (made or used in the District) of Muskoka and/or Huntsville? Other items may be considered, however those which are indigenous to Muskoka will have priority of choice.
  • Is the item a duplicate of other items in our collection? We have very limited storage space, and the more duplicates of an item we have, the less likely they will be displayed.
  • Is the item in good enough condition to display? Please do not repair, refurbish other otherwise alter a piece before donating as its condition can tell us a lot about its history
  • Is the item age-period-appropriate? (Generally not applicable to archival items, exceptions made depending on origin, condition and usage)
  • Any information you can provide about the history of any potential artifact makes it more viable for consideration as a donation to our collection. For example:
  • History of the piece
  • Manufacturer: name, location, date(s)
  • Ownership
  • Usage
  • Locations used (lot, concession, address, township, town)
  • History of the owners
  • Birth, Death, marriage dates of owners, names of parents, number of children, date of emigration, date of retirement
  • Any stories related to the piece

All potential donations must be approved by the Muskoka Heritage Place Collections Committee before being added to our collection. All artifacts to be donated will become the legal property of Muskoka Heritage Place. Donations of artifacts will be unconditional gifts. All items considered for donation but declined will be returned to donor or disposed of as directed on the donation form.

We also accept cash donations and endowments; charitable donation receipts available. Funds can be allocated to specific projects or uses.