Members of the public are encouraged to contact their member of Council to speak on their behalf on any matter of concern within its jurisdiction. The contact information for all members can be found on the Town of Huntsville Meet Your Council webpage

Request to Make a Deputation or Presentation to Council

deputation is an opportunity for a member(s) of the public to speak to Council or Committee directly during a regular scheduled meeting about a matter that is important to them.

An Invited Presentation is when Town of Huntsville staff, an individual, or Community Organization have been invited to present information to Council or Committee typically including one of the following:

  • a ceremonial presentation to or from the Town of Huntsville;
  • a presentation made by Town staff and/or by consultants retained by the Town or by another level of government;

Unless specifically identified as a Public Meeting, anyone who wants to speak at a Council, General Committee or other Committee of Council meeting must register as a deputation to be able to speak at the meeting. All deputation requests have to be submitted via the designated form.

Please Note: As per 2019-45, Consolidated Procedural By-law

  • All deputation requests (including all presentation materials – Photographic Images, PowerPoints, or Drawings) have to be submitted to the Clerk’s office using the Online Deputation Request Form no later than the end of business day:
    • Four (4) full business days in advance of a Planning Council meeting.
    • Five (5) full business days in advance of a Regular Council or Accessibility Advisory Committee meeting.
    • Seven (7) full business days in advance of a General Committee meeting.

The schedule of upcoming Council and Committee meetings can be viewed on the Agendas, Minutes, and Meetings Calendar page.

  • Deputations are limited to a time period of not more than ten (10) minutes inclusive of all speakers;
  • Deputations are limited to two speakers and only those persons listed on the Agenda will be permitted to speak;
  • No printed material may be distributed by the deputation on the Council floor;

 Please click on the button below to complete a form to register as a deputation or Invited presentation to Council.

Online Deputation Request Form

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I have to fill out this form? I’ve been invited to attend, am I still required to fill in the form?
The form assists staff in preparing for the invited deputation including any accessibility requirements.
Which meeting will I be attending?

Staff will be in contact to confirm the deputation and provide you with a meeting date. You can see the schedule of upcoming Council and Committee meetings on our Meetings Calendar.


Note: Most Deputations will typically be placed on a General Committee agenda. General Committee includes all members of Council. 

Where are meetings held?

All Regular Meetings are held in the Municipal Council Chambers located on the 3rd floor of the Huntsville Civic Centre, unless noted on the Agenda. Accessibility Advisory Committee Meetings are regularly held in Partner’s Hall located on the 1st Floor of the Huntsville Civic Centre.


Note: The Council Chambers have a gallery capacity limit of 30 seat persons, and one designated accessible location. As per the Ontario Fire Code, the means of egress shall be free of all obstructions, including persons.

I want to present to Council Remotely. Can I ‘Zoom’ in?
Yes, most meetings are live streamed, and can accommodate electronic attendance. If you indicate on your deputation form that you wish to participate electronically, you will be provided with a link to join the meeting. This meeting link is not to be forwarded or shared. During the meeting you will remain in the ‘waiting room’ until called upon by the chair. If you cannot attend, please contact the Clerk’s department immediately.


Important Note: Please be advised, meetings will be livestreamed with electronic attendance for presenters (hybrid meeting) to the best of our abilities. Should any technical difficulties occur, the in-person meeting may continue without being livestreamed and/or having the continued ability to attend electronically. Participants and viewers are encouraged to attend the meeting in-person whenever possible.
What happens if a meeting is being held by electronic means only, and there are technical difficulties?
The Chair may determine whether to hold an electronic meeting, an in-person meeting, or a hybrid meeting. Should technical difficulties arise during an electronic meeting only, Council/Committee will recess to allow the resetting of the system, or the meeting will be adjourned, and the current and remaining matters provided on a future agenda. Staff will provide a message on the News page of the website.


Can I hook up my laptop/iPad/USB up to the Media System? 
No. Due to digital safety concerns, no public hardware can be utilized in the Council Chambers. The presentation materials you provided (that are included on the agenda) will be loaded onto a laptop at the deputation table for your usage prior to the meeting by staff. For presenters attending digitally, their presentation will be shared by Town Staff, and broadcast through our media system. 
Can you tell me exactly what time my Presentation/Deputation will take place?
No. You will be notified prior to the meeting date the start time of the meeting, and your placement on the agenda. Due to the nature of the meetings, the exact time of your presentation cannot be estimated. Invited Presentations and Deputations are typically placed at the beginning of meeting agendas. 
If I am requesting an action from Council/Committee in my deputation, how will I know the outcome?
Typically, any deputations that have a request are also placed under NEW BUSINESS at the end of the agenda. At that time, Council/Committee may or may not choose to address it. You will be notified by email of any decision of Council/Committee related to your request within 1-2 business days after the meeting. 
I want to watch the meeting after I have done my presentation/deputation – how can I do that?

All live streamed meetings can be viewed on our website.

Live Council

Tips for presenting at a Council meeting:

  • Limit your deputation to the time restrictions noted above;
  • Introduce yourself when you are called to the deputation table;
  • Address Council/Committee through the Chair;
  • Depending on who is acting as Chair, the Chair may be addressed as Mayor & Last Name or Your Worship, or Chair & Last Name;
  • Speak clearly and directly into the microphone;
  • Highlight your key points;
  • Provide additional background and supporting information in writing in advance of the meeting for Council/Committee to review;
  • Be specific about what you are asking for.

General Decorum in Council and Committee Meetings:

  • At all times, including recesses or breaks, all persons attending a meeting shall be restricted to the Gallery and shall not approach the Council Floor unless invited by the Mayor or Chair.
  • Members of the public are requested to place all devices on an inaudible setting.
  • Members of the public are to refrain from engaging in any activity or behavior that would affect deliberations and may be requested to leave the meeting by the Chair in the event of disorderly conduct.
  • Persons who are not Deputations may not address Council or Committee without prior permission granted through the deputation process.

All meetings are open to the public for observation and shall be held as stipulated on the Agenda (i.e. in-person or electronic only), unless a motion is passed to have a Closed Session in accordance with Section 239 of the Municipal Act, 2001.