Are you looking to Vote in the Town of Huntsville Municipal and School Board Election?

  1. Do you have your Voter Information Letter?
    1. No → Please visit the Voter Registration Page up until 7:00pm on October 24, 2022, or visit the Election Help Centre in person at 37 Main Steet East, First Floor.
    2. Yes → Follow the instructions below to proceed to vote online.
  2. Type in the URL exactly as shown on the first page of your Voter Information Letter. Be sure that you are typing it into the top of your browser (do not use a search engine such as google to search for the website).

Google browser screenshot

Tips and Tricks

  1. Do not enter www. (use the https:// as shown on your letter)
  2. Do not use a search engine
  3. Do not use the auto populate function of your browser – type in the whole address
  4. If you are still having difficulty
    1. Try opening a new tab in your browser
    2. Attempt using a different browser if you can