The Muskoka Compliance Audit Committee receives and makes decisions on applications for compliance audits of candidates' and registered third parties 2018 municipal election campaign finances and any by-election campaign finances during the 2018 to 2022 Council term.

The Committee is also responsible for reviewing reports submitted by the Clerk with respect to any contributor who appears to have contravened any of the contribution limits to a candidates' or registered third party election campaign.

The Muskoka Compliance Audit Committee is comprised of three (3) voting members of the public and two (2) additional alternate members as follows:

  • Joan A. Pajunen
  • Bob Panizza
  • Beverley Webb
  • Rosemary King (Alternate Member)
  • Linda Thompson (Alternate Member)

The Muskoka Compliance Audit Committee is established pursuant to Section 88.37 of the Municipal Elections Act and pursuant to the Muskoka Compliance Audit Committee 2018-2022 Terms of Reference as established by the Town of Huntsville, to deal with the matters provided for in Sections 88.33, 88.34, 88.35, and 88.36 of the Municipal Elections Act.

2018 Municipal Election Compliance Audit Committee Meetings and Minutes

Read the agenda and minutes from the May 16, 2019 meeting.

Meetings are held in accordance with the Municipal Elections Act, 1996 and the Town of Huntsville.

Resources specific to compliance audit committee

You may contact the Clerks department directly if you require a copy of any of these documents.