Business licensing

Dog licensing

Licence of occupation

A licence of occupation (LOC) gives property owners the permission to construct and/or maintain encroachments on Town Lands. The LOC is an agreement that authorizes this use.

LOC application form and policy on the forms and resources page.

Liquor licensing

Liquor licence for businesses

A liquor licence is required if you will be serving alcohol as part of your business. As part of the approvals process you will need to submit:

  • A Municipal Information Form to the attention of the Municipal Clerk
  • A fully paid fee of $35.40 + tax

Additionally, you will need to obtain a completed Agency Letter of Approval Forms from:

Liquor licence for special events

For more information and to download the required forms, please visit the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario's website.

Lottery licensing

The rules and regulations for lottery licensing are set out by the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO). You need a lottery licence, to:

  • Conduct a lottery event
  • Qualify as an eligible charitable organization or as a non-profit organization with charitable purposes or objects
  • Have a bingo, raffle or 50/50, bazaar event, or sell break-open tickets

Contact the by-law office for help with:

  • eligibility and applying for a lottery licence
  • raising funds with lottery events or visit

More about lotteries

What is a lottery

A lottery is a plan/scheme that has:

  • a consideration or fee
  • a chance (ticket); and
  • to win a prize

Let us help you confirm if you need a licence for your proposed lottery event. 

If your lottery is confirmed eligible, your organization must further apply for a lottery licence and hold responsibility to make sure it is operated legally.

Licence qualifications

To be eligible for a lottery licence, the applying organization must either be:

  • an eligible charitable organization; or
  • as a non-profit organization with charitable purposes or objects

Organizations must have a demonstrated charitable or religious mandate to qualify. The courts have determined that the term “charitable” refers to organizations which provide programs for:

  • a) The relief of poverty;
  • b) The advancement of education;
  • c) The advancement of religion;
  • d) Other charitable purposes beneficial to the community
Lottery licence types that Town of Huntsville can help issue
  • Bingo events with prize boards of up to $5,500.00;
  • Raffles or 50/50 with prizes of up to $50,000.00;
  • Break Open Ticket events that are not conducted in conjunction with another event, and where the tickets are sold within the municipality;
  • Bazaar gaming events; and
  • Media Bingo

Please note: The Town of Huntsville licensing office is required to meet the guidelines and procedures set out by the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) when determining organization eligibility, and issuing lottery licenses.


  • Read and fill out the lottery eligibility checklist and application
  • Once eligibility is confirmed, you will be notified to proceed with applying for a lottery licence
  • Completed lottery reports are due within 30 days of the event or draw. Necessary forms will be provided by the bylaw department


Marriage licensing

To obtain a marriage licence, an appointment is required. Getting married? Here's how to apply for a marriage license.

Facilities available for the big day

While you're inquiring about licences, check out our weddings page that offers some superb options for venues to rent for your big day.

Short term accommodation rentals

Residents and property owners who wish to rent out rooms or entire units for a period of 28 days or less, are asked to obtain a licence. Visit the short term accommodation rentals page.

Vehicle licensing

Town of Huntsville does not license vehicles, boats or trailers.

The licence bureau is at Service Ontario at 207 Main Street West.