The Town of Huntsville has a number of services that may require a form to be completed.

We are working to make these resources user-friendly on your mobile device. If you have troubles opening, printing or need an alternate format, please contact us.

Address change
Administrative monetary penalty appeal
Birth and death

Projects that require a permit

If you are looking to build, renovate or demolish you can learn about what types of projects the permit process applies to.


You can now apply online for a building/reno/demo or septic permit!


Affordable housing

Development charge deferrals

Temporary patio expansions

Please complete the temporary patio expansion request form.


Visit the building permit totals page for monthly and annual reports.

More info

The building homepage will have more details about building, renovating and demo'ing.

Business licences

Go over to the business licensing page for all details or select one of the following forms to open it up:

Community flag raising

Community flag raising - form

Council, boards and committees
Dog licence registration

More info

Visit the dog control and licensing page.


Online donations - form

More info

There are other areas of the municipality that accept donations too!

Events, tents and fireworks

Special event hosting

In response to COVID-19, special events will continue to be monitored from a health perspective. Plans to postpone, cancel or apply mitigation strategies will be communicated to event organizers.

The hosting an event area of our website offers some great venue ideas.

Temporary tent


Outdoor event fire safety

For appropriate forms, see the fire and safety section of this page.

Facility rental and supplier list

Please visit for current news and updates about our facilities and programs, or contact us at 705-789-6421 for assistance.

Book a facility

Rental insurance

Please contact us if you require a copy of the rental insurance policy at 705-789-6421.

Sales package

Supplier list


Electronic funds transfer (EFT) - form

Fire and safety

Fire safety

Outdoor event fire safety

Related pages

Freedom of Information (FOI)
Freedom of Information - form
Garbage bag tags
New! Purchase bag tags online. Open the garbage bag tags form.
Heritage interest

Rental insurance

See facility rentals and supplier list section of this page.

Municipal insurance

Vehicle damage, property damage, and bodily injury claims have different processes. Read about each on the municipal insurance page.

Leisure guide advertising package
Leisure activity guide ad package - [currently not available]
Licence of Occupation
Go to the licensing page for requirements and eligibility information.

Before you get a marriage licence

Marriage licence

Requirements and how to obtain a marriage licence. Please note: an appointment is required.

Marriage certificate

Municipal accommodation tax
Municipal complaints

How to escalate a municipal concern, policy and instructions on the open government page.


A petition is a written request signed by residents of the Town of Huntsville that can be presented to Town Council. You can use a petition to request that Council act on a specific issue. Follow the petition guidelines below:

Guidelines for a petition

Download and use the Petition Template.

The petition must:

  • Be typed or legibly handwritten in pen;
  • Contain a clear statement or position that the signatories are supporting on each page;
  • Contain a contact name, mailing address and telephone number or email address of the organizer of the petition.
  • Use an appropriate and respectful tone. It must not contain any improper or offensive language or information.

Each petitioner must:

  • Print and sign his or her own name, original signatures only.
  • Provide their full address.

All further requests for information should be directed to the Deputy Clerk.

Submit a petition

All of the information provided on petitions to Council, or Committees will be publicly available.

  • Submit your completed petition (template noted above) using the Petition Submission Form
  • Each petition must be submitted to the Municipal Clerk no later than 4:00 p.m. eight business days prior to the Council meeting; otherwise, the petition will be included on the next available Council agenda.

Once we have received your petition, the Clerk’s department will contact you with the next steps.

Please note that the submission of a petition does not constitute an automatic corresponding deputation to Council. If you would like to support your petition by speaking before Council, please complete the Deputation Request Form.

Collection of Information

Personal information on this form is collected under the legal authority of the Municipal Act, S.O. 2001, c.25, as amended. The information is collected and maintained for the purpose of creating a record that is available to the general public pursuant to Section 27 of the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.



Planning applications are now submitted through Cloudpermit. To learn more about submitting an application through Cloudpermit, view our Cloudpermit Guide & FAQ.

Original Shore Road Allowance

More info

Visit the Planning homepage for more details.

Property standards
Property standards complaint - form
Property taxes

Visit the property taxes page for full process details on any of the following forms:

Tax rates

The tax rates and calculations page as complete detail tax rates for the year 2021.

Recreation and leisure
Roads and sidewalks

Concerns and inquiries can be directed to the Public Works department by filling out the questions or concerns form

Tag day

A tag day is set aside for solicitation of donations from the public by a particular organization for non-profit or charitable purposes.

Fill out a request form

All requests shall be made in writing to the Clerk, which can be done by completing the tag day request form.

if you don't wish to fill out the form, you can send a letter to the Clerk on your organization's letterhead. Letter must include:

  • The preferred date(s)
  • Times (if applicable - see section 1.g) of the tag day policy)
  • Additional municipal location requested (if applicable - see section 1. k) of the tag day policy)
  • Contact information, including email and board title of applicant
  • A self-proclaimed statement indicating the organization is a non-profit or charitable organization in good standing with the Canada Revenue Agency
  • A signature of a current member of the board


Organizations not pre-approved by Council must first obtain approval by presenting a deputation to Council with their request. Approval may take up to 90 days pending meeting cycle. See the tag day policy for pre-approved organizations.


Application requests for organizations with pre-approval are to be submitted at least three (3) weeks prior to the date of the requested tag day.

Temporary patio expansions
If planning to construct a patio, please reach out to the Planning Department to determine next steps. If you would like a temporary sidewalk patio within the Downtown BIA please see the Temporary BIA Sidewalk Use – Patios or Café/Retail Display section.
Temporary BIA sidewalk use – patios or café/retail display
If you are located in the Downtown Huntsville BIA please use the following policies and forms for your needs:

Temporary BIA sidewalk patio

Temporary BIA Café/Retail Display

Water tanker shuttle equivalency
Fire department water tanker shuttle equivalency accreditation letter request.