The Town of Huntsville has a number of services that may require a form to be completed.

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Address change
Birth and death

Building applications and requirements

Demo applications and requirements

Septic applications and requirements

Projects that require a permit

If you are looking to build, renovate or demolish you can learn about what types of projects the permit process applies to.

Affordable housing

Building reports

Deck and dock construction guides

Energy efficiency design

Permit or file inquiry

Pool enclosures


More info

Head on over to the building pages for lots more details about building, renovating and demo'ing.

Business licences
Go over to the business licensing page for all details.
Community flag raising

Community flag raising - form

Council, boards and committees

Seat dedication (at a municipal facility) - form

More info

There are other areas of the municipality that accept donations too!

Events, tents and fireworks 

Outdoor event fire safety

The fire and emergency services area of our website offers more help with steps and requirements to assist you in the permit process.

Special event hosting

The hosting an event area of our website offers some great venue ideas.

Temporary tent


Facility rental and supplier list

Book a facility

Rental insurance 

Sales package

Supplier list


Electronic funds transfer

Freedom of Information (FOI)
Freedom of Information - form
Heritage interest

Rental insurance

See facility rentals and supplier list section of this page.

Municipal insurance

Vehicle damage, property damage, and bodily injury claims have different processes. Read about each on the municipal insurance page.


Leisure guide advertising package
Leisure activity guide ad package - form
Go to the licensing page for requirements and eligibility information.

Before you get a marriage licence

Marriage licence

Marriage certificate

Municipal complaints
Learn how to address a municipal concern on the open government page.

Permit or file inquiry

Applications and requirements

 Go over to the planning pages details in all of these areas.
Property standards
Property standards complaints - form
Property taxes

Payment plans


Mortgage company cancellation - form

Mailing address

Mailing address - change of address form

Tax rates

Go to tax rates and calculations page for short explanations.
Recreation and leisure 
Tag day

A tag day is set aside for solicitation of donations from the public by a particular organization for non-profit or charitable purposes.

Fill out a request form

All requests shall be made in writing to the Clerk, which can be done by completing the tag day request form

if you don't wish to fill out the form, you can send a letter to the Clerk on your organization's letterhead. Letter must include:

  • The preferred date(s)
  • Times (if applicable - see section 1.g) of the tag day policy)
  • Additional municipal location requested (if applicable - see section 1. k) of the tag day policy)
  • Contact information, including email and board title of applicant
  • A self-proclaimed statement indicating the organization is a non-profit or charitable organization in good standing with the Canada Revenue Agency
  • A signature of a current member of the board


Organizations not pre-approved by Council must first obtain approval by presenting a deputation to Council with their request. Approval may take up to 90 days pending meeting cycle. See the tag day policy for pre-approved organizations.


Application requests for organizations with pre-approval are to be submitted at least three (3) weeks prior to the date of the requested tag day.

Water tanker shuttle equivalency
Fire department water tanker shuttle equivalency accreditation letter.