One of the most important mandates of the Town of Huntsville is to ensure that elections are accessible to all.

The use of Internet and Telephone Voting provides the most accessible access to the electoral process as it eliminates the need for electors to attend a polling station and provides for an extended period of time to participate in the election process. Any questions or comments regarding accessibility should be directed to the Clerk.

Accessibility plan

The Clerk is required to prepare a plan regarding the identification, removal, and prevention of barriers that affect electors and candidates with disabilities and make the plan available to the public in advance of the voting period. 

2022 Election Accessibility Plan 

Voting method

Internet and telephone voting was selected to ensure that all voters have an extensive and equal opportunity to cast their vote using an accessible and convenient method.

Persons with disabilities will be able to cast their vote without having to travel, but in the comfort and convenience of their own home thereby providing the principles of independence and equality of opportunity.

Request for documents in an alternate format

Any document found on our website or that we provide, can be made available by request, in a different format.

Make a request for an alternate format document.

Request for assistance

For electors wishing to vote with the assistance of an Election Official, the Election Help Centre will be located at 37 Main Street East, Huntsville and will be equipped with touch screens, computers and telephones.

Expanded services

Upon request to the Clerk, an elector may request their Voter Information letter be provided in an alternate format.

For further information on accessibility in the Town of Huntsville or to report a concern, please visit our Town of Huntsville accessibility page