The Town of Huntsville promotes an inclusive community that is dedicated to pursuing healthy and balanced lifestyles for everyone. 

Accessible services

Accessible Customer Service

Accessible Customer Service is good customer service - courteous, helpful and prompt.

How staff can help

If you are a person with a disability or if you provide support for a person with a disability, please let us know how we can help. We are open to discuss your needs and ideas on improving service options.

Planned service interruptions

It is possible that from time to time there will be interruptions in service, such as an elevator under repair, renovations that limit access to an area or technology that is temporarily unavailable. If an interruption in service is planned or expected, Town staff will make every effort to inform its citizens with reasonable notice. Notice may be provided on the website, social media channels, over the phone or in writing.

Unexpected service interruptions

In the event of an unexpected service interruption, notice will be provided (where applicable) as quickly as possible. Alternate methods of service will be provided where possible, while informing those that may be affected personally. Citizens are encouraged to contact Town staff to help arrange for an alternate method of accessing a service.


Our accessibility standards for customer service policy applies to all Town employees, members of Council, agent, volunteer, student on placement, or otherwise, who deal with the public or other third parties. This policy is followed in accordance with the Accessibility Standards for Customer Service, AODA 2005 (Ontario Regulation 429/07) with the goal of creating standards to improve accessibility across the Province of Ontario.

Please also see the Town of Huntsville's integrated accessibility standards regulation policy.

Accessible features map

Enjoy the accessible features map, which includes accessible:

  • Audible pedestrian signals
  • Boat parking
  • Crosswalks
  • Parking spaces and throughout downtown
  • Playgrounds
  • Public washrooms
  • Stop lights
  • Tactile pad locations
  • Town facility locations

Accessible pedestrian signals

An Accessible Pedestrian Signals (APS) system helps pedestrians cross safely at intersections with signals. 

How they work

Upon approaching an intersection, one will hear a repetitive "locator" tone. This identifies the intersection has an APS. It also notes the location of the push button you use to activate the system.

To activate the system

  • Press and hold the push button for 3 seconds
  • A click sound and physical vibration will confirm the system has been activated

A vibrating and tactile surface arrow on the button indicates the direction of crossing.

Once activated

  • A "cuckoo" sound indicates a North/South crossing
  • A "chirp" sound indicates an East/West crossing
  • The system has a voice count down from 10 seconds to indicate the time left for crossing

Where they are located

APS are available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. These are installed on poles at the following intersections:

  • Main Street at Brunel Road
  • Main Street at Centre Street

Huntsville Public Transit

Public transit bus

The Town of Huntsville operates a public transit service that includes two buses which:

  • Are wheelchair-accessible
  • Offer next stop automated announcer system
  • Operate on a route schedule or by pick-up location with 24 hours notice of request
  • Offer courtesy and priority seating for passengers with a disability
  • Have a courtesy seating area for seniors, expectant mothers, adults travelling with infants/small children or any other customer who may benefit from a seat near the front of the bus

Transit hours

  • Monday to Friday 8:00 am to 7:00 pm - Excluding Statutory Holidays
  • Saturdays 10:00 am to 5:30 pm

Schedules, fees and passes

Please visit the transit page for current schedule, fees and passes.

Online accessibility

Our website is designed with accessibility and user-friendly features in mind.

We are also working to improve:

  • Online forms - so that you can fill and submit permits and applications to us
  • Navigation - so that you can get to information as quick as possible

Need help reading our website content?

  • Connect with us to let us know if you need help finding information
  • The text sizing tool on our website will help make font larger or smaller
  • Google Translate can help with language barriers, and has been designed into our website as an option
  • A screen reading device called NVDA can be downloaded free of charge
  • Adobe Reader for PDFs, free of charge, has a built in text reader

Web browsers and operating systems

  • Web browsers, mobile devices and operating systems have built-in accessibility features to optimize:
    • Colours and contrasts
    • Fonts
    • Magnification and text size
    • Mouse pointer visibility
    • Resolutions

Reporting accessibility concerns

Customer feedback form

We welcome and encourage any questions, comments and general feedback

How to report an accessibility concern

  1. Contact Town staff to assist you
  2. The first point of contact for any accessibility related matters is the Deputy Clerk who can be contacted at (705) 789-1751 extension 2258
  3. Staff would be happy to connect you with the Accessibility Advisory Committee Chair to discuss your issue or matter. Or you can contact the Chair directly

How the matter will be dealt with

  • The Deputy Clerk will discuss the matter with you to decide how it should be dealt with
  • If it can be dealt with by staff, the Deputy Clerk will forward the matter to the department who can help
  • If the issue needs to be dealt with by the Accessibility Advisory Committee, the Deputy Clerk will place the item on the next Agenda for discussion

Service animals welcome

  • Service Animals are Welcome in Town Facilities
  • You may be asked by staff to provide documentation from a regulated health professional to confirm that the animal is a service animal. This is in compliance with Section 80.47 of the Integrated Accessibility Standard Regulation

Accessibility plan

The Town of Huntsville 2018-2022 Accessibility Plan is in place to identify and remove barriers, while preventing new barriers. The plan is reviewed annually and accomplishments achieved are noted in an addendum each year.

Town resources

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