Recognition of community partners in Huntsville program

The Town of Huntsville relies on grass roots clubs and not-for-profit organizations to fulfill dozens of roles that meet residents’ needs, invigorate our community, create inclusive economic opportunities, and promote active democracy and community-responsive policies. In these diverse ways, the not-for-profit sector generates public benefit.

Public benefit organizations

Public benefit organizations contribute to our community in the following ways:

  • Operate for the public good, not private gain
  • Reinvest and retain assets in the public domain for the public good
  • Help drive the economic strength and stability of communities
  • Play an active role in public policy by channeling community voices to hold government and decision-makers accountable,
  • Demonstrate the value of care and service to others as a core value of their work
  • Provide volunteer hours to the community, and
  • Support many activities and events for the general public to take part
Purpose of a Community Recognition Public Benefit Partners Program

By implementing a Community Recognition Public Benefit Partners Program, the Town of Huntsville is conveying the value of “Public Benefit” by recognizing these community based organizations in a public way.

Staff and Council wish to identify, recognize and celebrate community partners and organizations who are working in areas that help make Huntsville’s community vibrant, inclusive and responsive.

Together with government, community partners can be recognized for the community work that they do and the value they provide.

Our community is thankful that these great clubs continue to be located in our town.