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Adult entertainment establishments

This licence permits:

  • Adult entertainment
  • Massage (body rub) parlour
  • Erotica vendor

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Apply for an adult entertainment establishment

Apply for an adult entertainment licence

Refreshment vehicles

This licence permits:

Refreshment vehicles (such as hot dog and chip trucks).

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Apply for a refreshment vehicle licence

Apply for a refreshment vehicle licence

Transient trader

This licence permits:

  • Door to door sales
  • Transient trader (person who offers goods, wares, or merchandise for sale other than on a permanent basis)

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Apply for a transient trader licence

Apply for a transient trader licence

Vehicle for hire

This licence permits:

  • Broker and business owner
  • Vehicle for hire owner

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Apply for a broker or vehicle licence

Apply for a broker or vehicle licence

If the type of business you want to licence is not listed above, please contact Service Ontario at 207 Main Street West.

Site drawing guidelines

Please be aware of the following guidelines for all business licence types:

Site drawing guidelines 
  • Located on a privately-owned lot with commercial or industrial zoning and in compliance with all applicable zone provisions
  • Located on lands not allocated for other use by an approved site plan under the Planning Act
  • Maximum licensed area including all appurtenances not to exceed 40 m2
  • Maximum grade of licensed area 3%
  • Structure/Vehicle should be attractive, well designed and with architectural appealing (not utilitarian)
  • Structure/ Vehicle should be incorporated with subtle earth tones
  • Trailers or Chip Wagons must be aesthetically screened
  • Signage not to exceed 3m2 in total and scaled to appropriate size in context of the structure
  • No day glo, sandwich boards or signage pertaining to anything other than business advertising shall be permitted
  • Refuse and “back of house items” to be well screened
  • Location not permitted on Right of Ways
  • Scaled drawings shall include:
    • Proposed location, height, dimensions, distances and uses of all structures / vehicle
    • Retaining walls, fences, vegetation
    • Storage and collection areas for refuse
    • Elevation
    • Parking
    • Traffic Patterns
    • Signage
    • Electrical

Active Licenses

Refreshment Vehicle

Renewals being accepted for the 2024 season.

Vehicle for Hire

  • AL’s Taxi – 705- 789-2374
  • A&A Taxi – 705-349-1371
  • Y-drive – 705-304-4800

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Service Ontario business licensing

You can search for a business name, apply, and register for other types of businesses at Service Ontario at 207 Main Street West

Check zoning and permitted use of property

Before you buy or lease property for your business, check the Town of Huntsville zoning by-law on the interactive map. This will help you make sure that you can use it for the purpose of your business.

To find the permitted uses and lot requirements visit Section 5 of the zoning by-law. To search and visualize GIS data, maps and applications visit The Muskoka Geohub.

Note: These maps are great tools to find out the zoning of properties however please consult with planning staff before you get started on your project.

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