The Town of Huntsville is growing and improving all the time. We continue to nurture local growth and attract new business to the area. Having affordable housing strategies is a goal we are working toward too.

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Advertising opportunities
Advertise with us. Find out how by visiting the advertising opportunities page.
Bids and tenders
Keep current with the bids and tenders that become available. This could also be a call out for quotations and estimates. You can set up an account to be notified when something new is published.
Business licensing

Learn about what businesses we licence and how to obtain a small business licence

Check out BizPal - Provincial Business Permits and Licensing if you are looking to start or grow your business

Business support and growth

Looking to create or expand your business? Local business support is available.

Check out BizPal - Provincial Business Permits and Licensing if you are looking to start or grow your business

Community improvement
We contribute to a bright and prosperous Huntsville by improving our community through strategic goals and priorities.
Quick facts about Huntsville's profile and demographics.
Town properties for sale and tax sales
TOHM interactive map
Use the online interactive map to find property details, zoning needs, area roads, parking spots and more.