Media Release: Short-Term Rental Accommodation Information

Posted On Thursday October 22, 2020

(HUNTSVILLE, ON) To assist Town of Huntsville residents with understanding the Short-Term Rental Accommodation program and overall benefits to the community, the Town would like to share the following information and resources relevant to the program.

The Goal
The Short-Term Rental Accommodation program was initiated by the Town to ensure all rentals operate safely, in accordance with the Fire Protection Standards and the Ontario Building Code.

The Application Process

  • An application must be submitted at Applicants are asked to consider zoning requirements prior to applying.
  • Applicants are required to provide drawings such as a site plan (parking locations, building locations, accessory structures), floor plans, fire plans and how waste is to be managed on site.
  • This information aids in the identification of how many guestrooms and overnight guests are allowed on the property.
  • Once the application is found to be complete, a site inspection is arranged with the property owner to ensure that items such as the septic system, number of bedrooms and waste disposal are used responsibly to help mitigate environmental concerns.
  • If the property is not in compliance, staff will not issue the license until noted items have been addressed.
  • If requirements are met, a license will be issued. The property address and contact information will then be listed on the Town website.

The Community Benefit

  • The program provides legislative framework to ensure a minimum standard of care (Fire Protection Standards and Ontario Building Code).
  • Review of waste disposal procedures and guest numbers assist with mitigating environmental concerns.
  • Site inspections ensure that application criteria matches site conditions.

Community Concerns

  • This program aims to encourage positive neighbourly and community communications.
  • Information is provided to assist with direct communication between neighbors and Operators of the Short-Term Rental.
  • When a Short-Term Rental property has three valid nonconcurrent complaints lodged, the license can be revoked. Before it can be re-licensed, a review from the Administrative Penalty Committee is required.
  • The Town of Huntsville By-law Department can help deal with community concerns such as excessive noise, improper burning, dogs running at large etc. They can be reached during business hours at or phone at 705-789-1751.
  • If there are concerns outside of Town By-law hours, please contact the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) at 1-888- 310-1122

Municipal Accommodation Tax

  • Short Term Rental Operators are required through by-law 2019 -123 to charge a 4% Municipal Accommodation Tax (MAT) on all bookings moving forward.
  • The collected tax can be remitted to the Ontario Restaurant Hotel Motel Association (ORHMA) who is the Towns authorized collection and remittance agency for the MAT Program. The remittance form can be found here.
  • The Town of Huntsville Economic Development Department can help deal with concerns related to this process at or by phone at 705-789-1751 ext. 3035

To view frequently asked questions on the Short-Term Rental Accommodation program visit For license application and program information on short-term rental accommodations visit


For More Information Contact:
Chris Nagy
Chief Building Official
Town of Huntsville
705 789 1751 x 2228

Ingrid Armstrong
Short-Term Accommodation Licensing Coordinator
Town of Huntsville
705 789 1751 x 2402