Road closures and repairs due to flooding

Posted On Wednesday May 01, 2019

Current road closures and repairs due to flooding - Updated May 2, 2019: 

Currently Closed

Skyhills Road

  • At or Near Civic #: 536
  • Reason Closed: For repairs due to Flooding
  • Date(s) Closed: April 19, 2019
  • Update: one lane open at #536


District of Muskoka road closures available on

Now Open

  • Bayshore Boulevard
  • Hutchison Beach Road
  • Glen Acres
  • River Mill
  • South Drive
  • Cann Street
  • Silver Sands Road
  • Old North Road
  • Skyhills Road one lane open at #536
  • North Lancelot Road
  • Jarvies Road
  • Hutcheson Beach Road from civic #51 to #12 is open (from #12 to beach is still closed)
  • John Street (from Manominee to Main)
  • Szalowski Drive
  • Ceramic Mine Road North
  • Ontario Road
  • Stephenson Road 1 East
  • Williamsport Rd
  • Lindgren Road East
  • Maws Hill Road
  • Stephenson Road 12 East (Blind Line)
  • Stephenson Road 7 East


This information is given on the basis of reports received by Public Works operators. Town staff, phone calls, emails and via social media channels received by the Town. Staff will continue to update the list as often as possible, however, please note that road conditions may change quickly and without notice.