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GIS Day (Geographic Information Systems)

Upcoming - November 15, 2017 is GIS Day - stay tuned for future event details

GIS stands for Geographic Information System and is defined by National Geographic Society as; "A computer system for capturing, storing, checking and displaying data related to positions on Earth's surface...enabling people to more easily see, analyse and understand patterns and relationships."

See live examples of GIS applications and pdf maps on our Maps page.

November 16, 2016 - Previous GIS Day Event

On November 16, 2016 a public event was held in Partners Hall from 11:00am to 2:00pm that showcased a series of special presentations on the power of technology in understanding the world around us. Town of Huntsville Manager of Corporate Information Margaret Stead and District of Muskoka GIS Technician Stuart Paul was on hand to present interesting and useful information about our community in a way you may never have seen before; through the power of Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

The 2016 year's event was geared towards history and heritage buffs, planners, engineers, real estate professionals, and geography enthusiasts.

2016 Agenda

Focus on History & Heritage

Focus on Land Use

  • Muskoka Web Map; Interactive map featuring historical air photos, zoning, water quality maps and topographical maps.
  • Town of Huntsville Mapping (TOHM); Interactive map including 50cm contour elevation lines, zoning, official plan designation data, sign bylaw areas, ATV-restricted areas and more.

Focus on Sports & Recreation

  • A GIS view of Huntsville's Trails, Beaches and Public Facilities, as well as some historical places of sport interest.
  • Huntsville's Sport and Recreation Heritage - An interactive story map illustrating the historical photos and the location of the rich sports culture of Huntsville.

More Information about International GIS Day

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