Andrew Stillar
Chief By-law Enforcement Officer
Canada Summit Centre Mailing Address:
20 Park Drive
Huntsville, ON
P1H 1P5

Phone: 705-789-1751 ext. 3039
Fax: 705-788-5153

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Corey Crewson
By-law Enforcement Officer
Canada Summit Centre Mailing Address:
20 Park Drive
Huntsville, ON
P1H 1P5

Phone: 705-789-1751 ext. 3041
Fax: 705-788-5153

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By-law Enforcement

Responsibilities of By-law Enforcement

This Department is responsible for the investigation and enforcement of a number of Town of Huntsville municipal by-laws. 

For construction and/or building code compliance please contact our building department.  If you have questions or concerns surrounding the living conditions or structure of your rental unit that have not been repaired, please complete the Property Complaint Form and submit it to the Town Hall customer service desk.  For land use and zoning, please contact our Planning department.

The By-law Enforcement Department provides the following services:

Parking Enforcement

The By-law Department is responsible for enforcing standards pertaining to parking on public road allowances.  Parking on private property is done with permission granted by the property owner as per the Fire Route and Designated Accessible Parking on Private Property by-law. Enforcement of parking regulations assists with road safety and accessibility.

Please visit the following link for information on paying parking tickets.

Business Licences

The Business Licensing Officer issues business licences.

Clean Yards By-law

The Clean Yards by-law provides for maintaining land in a clean and clear condition.

Domestic Dog Control (Animal Control)

The By-law Enforcement officers handle concerns and complaints regarding dogs running at large or dogs that bark constantly.

If you have found a dog...

During our business hours of 8:30-4:30pm, contact our customer service team.

If you have lost your dog...

Contact the by-law department and leave us a detailed message.

Wild Animals

For nuisance wild animals such as beavers, raccoons, squirrels, etc. contact a wildlife control company as found in the Yellow Pages of the local telephone book.  Our by-law department does not deal with wild animals.

If an animal has been struck by a motor vehicle, contact our customer service team who will direct your call.

For further information

Informational Brochures 

By-laws enforced

For additional information on these and other by-laws, please see our by-laws page.

  • Accessible Parking
  • Clean Yards
  • Noise
  • Firearms
  • Outdoor Burning
  • Smoking on Town of Huntsville owned Properties
  • Parks and Outdoor Spaces By-law
  • Anti-idling